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Dynamis entre 27 empreses socials innovadores de 9 països del SEFORIS

seforis map27 Case Studies of Social Enterprises: First Highlights

SEFORÏS has recently concluded an unusually high load of interviews all relating to 27 social enterprises in 9 countries.
The aim is to enrich our understanding of social enterprises through the in-depth study of especially chosen social enterprises. No less than 236 interviews were conducted. The cases gather information about governance, finance, innovation, impact and context, the 5 core research areas of SEFORÏS. The formal analysis is still in preparation but some preliminary conclusions can already be highlighted. SEFORÏS researcher Georgiana Nitulescu, who coordinated the case studies, jotted down some first insights. Read them here.

Testimonials from social entrepreneurs who participated:

“I am convinced that social entrepreneurs make a huge impact regarding  social innovations in Europe. The results that are generated in the context of SEFORÏS do contribute to gain attention as well as awareness of politicians and decision makers within the political fields.” 
Rose Volz-Schmidt, founder and CEO of wellcome (Germany)
“Engaging in this research project has proved unexpectedly encouraging. Taking the time to genuinely review what we do and why we do it has also sharpened our thinking.”
Richard Nicol, CEO of Midlands Together (UK)
“Many of us working at Volontärbyrån, were interviewed about our business during the participation in the case study. It is always exciting and instructive to reflect on your own operation with the help of others; in this case SEFORÏS.”
Maria Alslander, CEO of Volontärbyrån (Sweden)
“Our mission is to generate a model for social, environmental and economic transformation. Participating in SEFORÏS makes us feel in a good company, and helps us reflect on ourselves and share knowledge.”
Oriol Costa Lechuga, CEO of Dynamis (Spain)